Floriana Bulbose

                             MOSTRA DEL NARCISO                 in italiano

The large amateur collection of daffodils, established by dr. J. Shejbal at Magliano Sabina in the early '80, was the initial source for the numerous species and horticultural hybrids now being shown each spring at Monte Porzio Catone near Rome.


The first edition of the daffodil show - Mostra del Narciso - took place at Magliano Sabina in 1983 and quickly became well known to garden lovers who visited the garden by hundreds until 1989. Because of professional duties and difficulties in maintaining the collection of more than 1300 types of daffodils, species and hybrids, in garden beds, this intiative was suspended until 1996. Since that year it has been held yearly in the newly opened nursery Floriana Bulbose at Monte Porzio Catone, near Rome.
All daffodils are now grown in containers. This allows visitors to not only admire the blooms but also to purchase flowering plants. After completion of the vegetative cycle in the original pots, the bulbs can be transplanted into other containers or directly into garden beds.  
The 30th edition of the MOSTRA DEL NARCISO
will take place from March 24th until April 21st, 2018
in THE NURSERY of FLORIANA BULBOSE at Monte Porzio Catone.


Pictures from the Mostra del Narciso

  Visits by appointment only. Please call 06 9447769.
          The long duration of the exhibition permits visitors to see both early, mid season and late flowering daffodils.
The collection consists in more than 400 daffodils (hybrids and species). Many other spring flowering geophytes from numerous genera can also be seen in blossom, while summer and autumn flowering bulbs listed in the catalogue CAT-I are on sale in the nursery.

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